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Sentimental Gems – gifts from the earth, crystal kits and handcrafted jewellery.

Kerri, founder of Sentimental Gems; has been making jewelry and crystal kits for herself and friends for many years. What was once a hobby and unique gift giving gesture for her close friends has now developed into a passion and successful business. Her love of raw crystals, stones and hammered jewelry has shown in her unique one-of a kind, conversation-starting jewelry.

Along with the unique jewelry, Kerri also puts together crystal energies/mediation kits and crystal gift boxes, Kerri hopes to bring her love for crystals and gemstone energy to others. Most of the Crystals, Stones, and Gems are tumbled by Kerri in her work shop, some of the stones were found along her travels beach combing, hiking or mining.

If you are looking for something extra special for someone and do not want to give the conventional box of chocolates or flowers, crystals sets may be the way to go. Each crystal set is made up of crystals based around their specific attributes to benefit any occasion or situation.

Kerri also used to be a former hairstylist, now she does hair on a part time basis on location for weddings, or other large events or media productions. You can check out her hair services at

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