Crystal of The Month Club

“Bringing Enlightenment through crystals Energy Right to Your Door.”

Crystal of The Month


Per Month
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Box Is The Same
  • Pay For Full Year & Receive A BONUS Item
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Crystal Enlightenment Kit


Per Month
  • Features a variety of other essential tools
  • Each Box includes Sentimental Gems jewelry
  • Pay For Full Year, Receive A BONUS Item, & Receive One Month FREE
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Crystal of The Month

Grow your crystal collection each month.

The Crystal of The Month Box will be sent to you each month with 1-3 carefully curated crystals or a selection of natural crystals, stones and/or minerals. Each crystal is accompanied by an information card that describes the various properties of the crystal detailing the popular healing benefits, how to clean, charge, rituals/lure and more. Boxes can include: Points, Rough Stones, Tumbled Stones, Raw Specimens, Polished Stones, Spheres, Wands or other related items.

Crystal Mini Discovery Kit

Grow your crystal collection each month.

The Crystal Mini Discovery Kit is curated to nurture your inner being, help grow your spiritual enlightenment, and feed your curiosity to learn more about crystals. Each box includes 4-6 full-size items, including crystals and on occasion other eclectic items around crystals.

Crystal Enlightenment Kit

Spiritual enlightenment delivered right to your door.

The Crystal Enlightenment Kit Features a variety of holistic/natural products, each box will include a Sentimental Gems jewelry creation, 4-8 carefully curated crystals, stones and/or minerals, and 2-5 other essential tools used towards enlightenment such as aromatherapy, natural beauty products, candles, books, smudges or other eclectic items. This kit is packed with the essential tools needed for reflection and growth on your journey toward enlightenment. Our kits are thoughtfully curated each month around a theme or common ailment

Kits can be purchased as:

  • Month to Month
  • Quarter to Quarter
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • Full Year

Please Note:

  • Pictures are only examples of the type of crystals you will receive. Crystals delivered will only be of top quality.
  • The boxes will be mailed on the 20th of each month. Boxes purchased after the 20 will be shipped the following month.
  • All items will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free.