purity + faith + guidance   Pearls signify purity and beauty, compassion, protection, and love. Pearls have long been considered beacons of light for those who see the world through spiritual lenses. Pearl has a soothing influence on the body and gives the integrity to recognize all the best within us. Pearls signify faith, charity, and innocence, and can also … Read More


Calendar of activities: Join myself os Sentimental Gems and Mandi of Charmed Floral Design Inc. as we together host the annual 12 days of Christmas. We have 12+1 days of fun posts to share including activities so mark your calendars.   Starting December 1, 2022.   Day 1 – Thursday “The 5 Pledge” with Kerri & Mandi Day 2 – … Read More

My Roots

My Roots Dedicated to my Dad who passed away July 22, 2022. I love you dad! Do you know who you are- truly? This collection is called “My Roots” which has been inspired by my recent ancestry research. Influences of Poland (Viking), French and Scottish roots. Having a strong background in Epigenetics & Trichology, I study DNA, traits, and daily … Read More

Gemstones & Meanings

African Turquoise structure + balance + wise healing It is a stone that brings structure, balance and prosperity where it is due. This is a stone that awakens the soul to its intended purpose, encouraging the being to make a positive impression while gaining and giving positive wisdom.Learn MoreCrazy Lace Agate laughter + unity + cleansing Sometimes called the laughter … Read More