Apache tears

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Apache tears

Apache tears are a unique and mysterious gemstone that have captured the fascination of both gemstone collectors and spiritual enthusiasts alike. These small, black stones are actually a type of volcanic glass that was formed from the cooling of lava that erupted from a volcano. They are primarily found in the United States, specifically in Arizona and New Mexico, but can also be found in other volcanic regions around the world.

Metaphysically, apache tears are believed to possess a number of powerful properties. It is said that they can help to alleviate grief and provide emotional healing, making them a popular stone for those who are dealing with loss or trauma. They are also thought to provide protection and strength, and can be used for grounding and cleansing purposes. Some people even believe that apache tears have the power to absorb negative energy, making them an important tool for spiritual practitioners.

From a scientific perspective, apache tears are a type of obsidian, which is a type of volcanic glass that is formed from lava that cools too quickly to form crystals. Obsidian is composed primarily of silicon dioxide, and can range in color from black to brown to green. Apache tears specifically are characterized by their small size and round shape, and are often used in jewelry making and other decorative applications.

Historically, apache tears have played an important role in Native American culture. According to legend, a group of Apache warriors were being pursued by U.S. cavalry troops, and rather than face capture, they rode their horses off a cliff. The Apache women who were waiting for their return were said to have wept at the sight of the tragedy, and their tears were said to have turned into the black stones that we now know as apache tears. The stones were believed to hold the power of the women’s grief and mourning, and were used in various spiritual and healing practices.

Apache tears are a fascinating gemstone that hold both spiritual and scientific significance. Whether you are drawn to their metaphysical properties or simply appreciate their unique beauty, apache tears are a valuable addition to any collection.