Aquamarine is used to promote courage and survival instincts. Aquamarine helps move through transition and change, its cleansing energy removing resistance and helping one overcome the fear of the unknown. It enables the release of emotional baggage but the clearing out of physical items and clutter.


Aquamarine is a water element stone; its energies are great for opening communication and cleansing the emotional body. Aquamarine power assists in understanding the reason for holding onto old thoughts or patterns that are limiting forward motion; it will bring emotional patterns to the surface to conquer.

Aquamarine is a cooling stone and the stone of breath. It will aid the respiratory tract and the lungs. It can heal sinus conditions and frequent coughing, and it is effective for hay fever and other chronic allergies.

Aquamarine is the most substantial stone for clearing and activating the Throat Chakra. It stimulates energy from the heart to the throat, allowing one’s most profound and heartfelt truth to be communicated. If the Throat Chakra is blocked or out of balance, it could affect the other chakras’ negativity. When balanced, it will allow for the expression of what we think and what we feel, allowing us to communicate our ideas, emotions, and beliefs.