Your Conscious Mind

You Got This

Your conscious mind functions very much like a binary computer, performing two functions: It accepts or rejects data in making choices and decisions. It can … Read More

Writing Using Crystals

Writing is a different process for everyone, and the method may vary for the task at hand. There are many ways, but for myself, I like to go within and use crystals.

Crystals & Journaling

To learn to write with crystals check out: Writing Using Crystals Journaling generally involves the practice of keeping a journal that explores thoughts and feelings … Read More


palo santo

What is Smudging? Smudging your space, your home or office, or even your body with sage is like taking an energetic shower, or doing a … Read More

Unconventional Gift Giving

Gift Stones – Rock Ceremony – Blessing Stones – Wishing Stone Ceremony There is a variety of cultures that practice rock ceremonies or gifting oathing … Read More

The Grounding Tigers Eye

The largest numbers of Tiger Eye Stones are found in South Africa but also come from Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia and throughout the USA. … Read More

How To Choose A Crystal

How To Choose A Crystal

There are many ways to choose a crystal, described in the various books out there. You can do a muscle-test, you can read what the … Read More

Stones For Grounding

Gemstones For Grounding Gemstones for grounding, when you are feeling overwhelmed and need grounding, try these healing crystals and this meditation exercise to help. Here … Read More