Your Conscious Mind

You Got This

Your conscious mind functions very much like a binary computer, performing two functions: It accepts or rejects data in making choices and decisions. It can deal with only one thought at a time, positive or negative, “yes” or “no.” This is why people who adopt … Read More

Crystals, Signs, and Colours

Do you know how to receive more messages from your higher self and guides, if you’ve ever asked for help or a sign, signal or message but could not interpret the answers…then this workshop is definitely for you! This workshop will prove to you how … Read More

Crystals and Pendulums


Description Pendulums are an excellent tool for learning to access information available in the aura and chakras. In this workshop, you will attain a practical introduction to a powerful and ancient art, which uses simple tools such as pendulums, together with crystals, to provide wisdom … Read More

Crystals and Your Gifts

Description Discover your sacred gift(s), everyone has spiritual gifts and all humans are able to connect to their intuition and higher self. Psychic ability is a basic human skill that all of us possess and that we can develop with practice. Learning how to access … Read More

Crystal Grids 101

Crystal Grids 101

Description In the Crystal Grids 101, you will learn how grids work and go over the benefits of creating one. Crystal grids are crystals, placed in a specific or intuited pattern, in order to create and enhance the energy of the crystals or stones so … Read More

Manifesting with Crystals

Manifesting with Crystals

What is my Heart’s desire? Are you stuck in the maze of your mind? Was 2018 the year of instant manifestation to instant many frustrations? Are you manifesting everything buy your heart’s desire? Is your creativity blocked? … What do you want? In this workshop, … Read More

Meditation & Crystals

Meditation & Crystals

Meditation is a state of mind, and when you meditate, you are filled with the light/wisdom of the universe. Meditation & Crystals is part 2 of the Crystals and More 8 part series; watch any module anytime.  Crystals and minerals have been used for thousands … Read More

Crystals 101

Crystals 101

Crystals 101 Workshop with Kerri of Sentimental Gems and special guest Timmie Horvath of Sacred Wellness. (part 1 of 8)  Wouldn’t you love to understand how crystals work; learn some of the lost knowledge of crystals based on the history, science and the metaphysical properties.  … Read More

Let’s Talk Crystals


Let’s Talk Crystals is part 2 of the Crystals and More 8 part series; watch any module anytime.  This workshop is not like Crystals 101 and is more for anyone who is curious about crystals and how to communicate with them intuitively. During our two … Read More


Emerald Tumbled Stones

Deep hearted + compassion + love Emerald (Beryl), the “Stone of Successful Love,” opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra, it also a stone of great vision and intuition. Emerald is associated with the eyes and sight and has been long believed to … Read More


Tanzanite chip beads

Tanzanite generates an energy of happiness and relief from worries, allowing insight into emotional issues without the need to dwell on them unnecessarily. It inspires one to feel more compassionate, loving and centred. Tanzanite is a variety of Zoisites and a member of the Epidote … Read More