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Choosing The Right Gem Or Crystal That Is Right For You

Make sure that the places you go to find or purchase your gem or crystals have good energy -and feel uplifting. Don’t sit and stare at a pile for hours, choose the one(s) that grab your attention first, pick them up and get a feel for them. Pick the one(s) you are drawn to; if you are not drawn to any leave. If you are searching for a specific type, let’s say you want a nice piece of clear quartz; pick the one you like best. It is really simple to choose and you can’t make a wrong decision when buying or finding your gem or crystal. Gem Or Crystal energy when programmed/cleansed can really neutralize your environment.

Crystals Or Gemstones Uses

To cleanse your crystals please visit: 

How To Cleanse Your Crystals and Gemstones

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