How To Feel a Crystals Energy

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How To Feel a Crystals Energy

Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties, and while some people may be skeptical of their ability to influence our energy, many believe in their power to enhance our well-being. However, the key to unlocking the potential of a crystal lies not just in its physical properties, but in how we interact with it. Here are some … Read More

What is a Geode?

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Blue Lace Geode

What is a Geode? – A geode is a rock containing a crystal-lined cavity or another type of mineral matter; when a geode is opened, you’ll see agate, quartz, amethyst or other minerals. The exterior of a geode looks bumpy and might resemble the head of cauliflower. A nodule is a geode that is full of minerals, but it’s not … Read More