Mindful Me & Crystals Q&A

Mindful Me and Crystal Q&A

Join me every third Friday of the month for Mindful Me and Crystal Q&A gathering, it is a FREE event held at Corro Collective in St.Albert.

Journaling Crystal Kit

Crystals & Journaling

To learn to write with crystals check out: Writing Using Crystals Journaling generally involves the practice of keeping a journal that explores thoughts and feelings surrounding the chapters of your life. Journaling is also an …

Journaling Crystal Jewelry

Crystals & Writers Block

No matter the combination of writing skills you have or apply, every writer will suffer from writer’s block, at least once. Crystals can be great tools for a writer. While all crystals offer something different, some stones, in particular, get a job done better than the rest, when it comes to writing.


Subtle Energy

Becoming Aware of Subtle Energy
Your vibration matters, we should all be aware of our subtle energies, both in ourselves and within our environment. I will go over a process you can learn quite easily and, with very little practice. You should soon become adept at sensing subtle energy.

The Use of Gemstones

The Use of Gemstones

Before you begin to work with crystals, it is essential to know how you can use them in the different forms of healing, divination, and understand the benefits from the various vibrational energies they give …