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        Surprise Box

        Surprise Box "Crystal Mini Discovery"

        $35.00 USD
        Crystal Mini Discovery Kit: Grow your crystal collection. The Crystal Mini Discovery Kit is curated to nurture your inner being, help grow your spiritual enlightenment, and feed your curiosity to learn more about crystals. Each box includes 4-6 full-size items, including crystals and on occasion other eclectic items around crystals. We offer 3 different size crystal kits, check out the Crystal...

        Surprise Box "Crystal of The Month Club"

        $19.00 USD
        Grow your crystal collection each month. The Crystal of The Month Box will be sent to you each month with 1-4 carefully curated crystals or a selection of natural crystals, stones and/or minerals. Each crystal is accompanied by an information card that describes the various properties of the crystal detailing the popular healing benefits, how to clean, charge, rituals/lure and...

        Surprise Box "Crystal Enlightenment"

        $66.00 USD
        Crystal Enlightenment - Surprise Box "Grow your crystal collection each month." You will receive an average value of $150 worth of stuff per shipment.  The Crystal Enlightenment Kit Features a variety of holistic/natural products, each box will include a Sentimental Gems jewelry creation, 4-8 carefully curated crystals, stones and/or minerals, and 2-5 other essential tools used towards enlightenment such as aromatherapy,...