Crystals, Signs, and Colours

Crystals, Signs, & Colours

Do you know how to receive more messages from your higher self and guides, if you’ve ever asked for help or a sign, signal or message but could not interpret the answers…then this workshop is definitely for you!

This workshop will prove to you how you are already a Master of Symbolic Translation…and you didn’t even know it – until now! Prepare to have your world changed as a whole new level of reality is revealed to you through the power of symbolism and colour interpretation. Serendipity; coincidences; seeing repetitive number sequences or objects; signs; signals; colours, omens – anything at all that catches your attention can be considered a message from Spirit or higher self.

This workshop will show you first-hand how easy it is to find the meaning, for you, in attention-getting daytime events… and your nightly dreams. You will be amazed how easily you can begin to decode the language of the Universe!

Crystals, Signs, and Colours

Workshops will be held every two weeks at Corro Collective and will repeat every quarter. Check out all the Crystals Sessions, the cost is $35 per workshop, or ask about our punch card for $250. These workshops are guided and tailored to match any crystal skill level.

1) Crystals 101
2) Let’s Talk Crystals
3) Meditation & Crystals
4) Manifesting with Crystals
5) Crystal Grids 101
6) Crystals & Your Gifts
7) Crystals & Pendulums
8) Crystals, Signs, & Colours

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