Subtle Energy

Sensing Energy In Yourself

  1. Find a time you can become quiet and alone, it is best to practice in a spot that is peaceful, as this exercise requires a quiet environment and concentration. Take off any accessories or articles of clothing that may be distracting to you.
  2. Sit with your hands resting on your lap, and palms facing inwards with your eyes closed. 
  3. Rub your hands together really fast for a few seconds and now relax your hands, and focus the attention into your hands. Face your palms to each other, and hold them about 15 inches or so away from each other. Slightly curved like you are cupping them or holding a beach ball. You may feel warmth or a slight tingling sensation between your hands.  That there is subtle energy. 
  4. Bounce your palms towards each other like you are slightly squeezing the imaginary beach ball, feel the energy shift as you move, it may feel like a cool breeze, notice the slight friction (like a magnet gives when you try to put two together). Do this exercise a few times maybe for 30 seconds. Can you feel any resistance as they move closer together? Do you have a sense of them connected by energy and that energy is oscillating between them making space feel thicker or denser when your hands move closer together?
  5. Now bring your palms closer together, as though the beach ball is shrinking to the size of a tennis ball, and notice if the energy feels more apparent. If you are sensitive and your energies are good then you will be able to feel these effects more easily. Practice this exercise as often as you like, the more you practice the more you will become aware of those energies.
How to feel subtle energy

Becoming Aware of Subtle Energy

Your vibration matters, we should all be aware of our subtle energies, both in ourselves and within our environment. I will go over a process you can learn quite easily and, with very little practice. You should soon become adept at sensing subtle energy.  And the more you practice the more easily you will sense it.

Sensing Energy In Your Environment

Start by practicing on plants, trees, animals or even your friends. If you have a pet try petting your cat, dog, horse, with your fingers about six inches away from them, feel its energy. Try the same thing over a living plant or tree, sense the energy. From this, you can learn to sense energy in objects. Try feeling the energy differences between something that was handmade versus something that was mass produced. This practice is called psychometry and is used by empaths. 

Now try picking up the energies in your home or a building you are visiting, start at the entrance and work your way through the structure. To start hold your hands a few inches from the wall slightly stroking the space. Concentrate on the energy giving off by the space, you may find some areas calmer than others, while other spaces to be stale or intense. If you feel space is very stale, negative and intense you can consider smudging it. To learn more about smudging check out the following article “Smudging“.

Energy – Be Aware

Being aware of subtle energies especially that of your own is good for your health and wellbeing. -BALANCE YOUR BODY’S SUBTLE ENERGIES FOR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. There are many exercises out there to balance your chakra, a favorite one is a meditation, here is a necklace along with a meditation exercise to help you balance those chakras.

Energy healing is not new, it has been around for thousands of years.  Most people will be familiar with one energy healing modality.  Reiki, Shiatsu, Acupressure, EFT, Crystal Healing, Yoga and Energy Medicine help balance the body’s subtle energies.  

Can you feel the subtle energy? Share your experiences within the Facebook Group and if or how you work with those subtle energies.

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