Evolve.FREE Workshop.

What is spiritualism to you?

Did you know we have 5 Physical Senses and 8 Either Senses.

EVOLVE – Discover your sacred gift(s), everyone has spiritual gifts and all humans are able to connect to their intuition and higher self. “Psychic” or Either Energy as more science-minded people like to call it, is a basic human skill that all of us possess and that we can develop with practice. Learning how to access and understand your unique gifts just takes a few exercises, some mindful practice, and a deep knowing that you can. Join me as I tie in the conservative mind and the liberal mind to connect those missing pieces.

In this workshop, we will go over types of intuitive gifts: ESP and the Spiritual Senses. 

What you will learn:

  • Discuss ESP and what they are.
  • We will go over the 8 Either Senses.
  • How to open your either senses and awareness.
  • How too recognize your intuitive abilities and interpret your abilities.
  • Learn to extend your perception beyond your physical body and attune.
  • Know the difference between either information and your imagination.
  • Pick up subtle energies and how to understand them.
  • Understand the ethics of reading energy.
  • Learn to trust your intuition.
  • PLUS BONUS: We will go over the FAQ of Crystals 

At the end of this fun workshop, you will have a foundation to accurately access extrasensory information. You will know whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant, and be given guidance on how to expand your knowledge to grown more intuitively. Intuitive abilities give us insight into the environment around us. It alerts us to opportunities and danger, whether to take action or wait. It offers valuable information about the people we encounter in our daily lives. And helps us to connect for better mindfulness and health. Let’s Evolve!

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