How To Cleanse Your Crystals and Gemstones

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Always cleanse when you first buy them, unless they have been programmed prior for you by someone. Once a month is a good amount to do so or sometimes more often if you are using them more frequently. Or when you feel it has become drained or dull.

When should a stone be cleansed?

    • As soon as it’s purchased.
    • Before it’s programmed.
    • After each use.
    • When you feel it has become drained or dull.

How often should a stone be cleansed?

    • Regularly used stones, such as those worn or carried, should be purified daily.
    • However, I have worn mine and only cleansed them monthly or as needed.
    • Healing stones, massage wands, and pendulums should be purified after each use.
    • Altar stones and environmental healing stones should be cleaned monthly.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals or Gemstones?

There are many ways to cleanse a stone. The elements of natural fire, water, earth, and air), the sun, the moon, and plants are very effective in cleansing stones of negative energies. Stones respond to the intentions of their users, so it is important that while you are actively cleansing your stone, no matter which method you use, you hold in your mind the intention of carrying away unwanted energies to a place where they can do no harm, and your desire to re-energize the stone with positive energies.
NOTE: Only two types of crystals do not need to be cleansed. Citrine and Kyanite, It is said they are the two stones you do not need to cleanse, however, you can cleanse them anyways.

Ways to cleanse your crystals and gemstones:


Salt Water – Crystals can be left to soak in a glass bowl (not metal) of seawater or water mixed with sea salt. Submerge for 1 to 24 hours or overnight. Rinse your crystals in cool running water to remove any remaining salt. Saltwater cleansing is considered one of the best and most thorough ways to cleanse crystals, but please be aware that this method must be avoided for certain crystals as it can have an adverse effect on them and even change their appearance and properties!  Stones that should not be soaked in salt water include crystals that are porous, contain metal or have water content, for example, Opal. Stones and minerals that should be kept away from salt include Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Hematite, etc.
  • Dry Salt – Another salt method is to half-fill a glass bowl with sea salt (or cooking salt) and bury crystals. They should be left in the salt for several hours, overnight or for several days.  Use a softer paintbrush to dust off the salt.  After use, the salt must be thrown away and never re-used because it will have absorbed negative and unwanted energies.
  • Non-Contact Salt – This is considered the safest salt-cleansing method and should be used where the crystals may otherwise be damaged by direct contact with salt.  This is also a good method if you are cleansing gemstones found in jewelry or gems surrounded by metal. Fill a glass bowl half to two thirds full with dry sea salt (or cooking salt). Then place a smaller glass container or shallow drinking glass and half-bury this glass into the salt.  You can then place your crystals directly into the empty glass, which is sitting half buried in the dry salt.  The salt will still be able to draw out the stored energies within the stones but this method will take longer to work than direct contact with salt.
 *The used salt should be thrown away and never re-used.


This involves burning either Smudge Sticks or Incense Sticks and holding the crystals in the smoke to cleanse the stored energies. Several types of incense are specifically recommended for this because, when burned, they release certain elements into the air via the smoke, which can effectively remove bad and built-up energies.  The following incense sticks are particularly recommended for effective smudging: Sage and Sweetgrass, Sandalwood or Cedarwood. A feather can be used to fan the smoke across the crystals and this only needs to be done for a short amount of time. 20 to 30 seconds should be long enough.

Crystal Druse, Bed, Geode or Cluster 

All crystals can be cleaned safely by placing them inside an Amethyst Geode Cave overnight or for 24-48 hours.  An Amethyst Druse, Cluster, or Bed can also be used in the same way.  A Clear Quartz Geode, Bed or Cluster provides a faster cleansing process than Amethyst, but both methods are equally as effective.  Simply place no more than a few crystals onto the crystal points and leave for anything up to 24-48 hours.  These crystal cluster formations (both Amethyst and Quartz) have the ability to absorb the energies contained within crystals, neutralize the energies and then release ‘good’ energy from the cluster back into the crystals being cleansed, so they can effectively cleanse and energize at the same time.)


Visualization or ‘thought energy’ cleanse crystals. Simply hold the crystal, focus on it, and visualize a bright white light surrounding the crystal, followed by a beam of white light coming down through the stone, passing all the way through the stone, taking away stored energy within the stone.  Do this until you feel happy that the white light has done its job and flushed away the stored energies.  The ‘thought energy’ generated by you will be transmitted to the stone and this cleansing energy will do the job of clearing the stone of its stored energies.

The Sun (again not on all crystals) or Moonlight 

Place your gems, crystals, pendulums, jewelry, all types of objects, in a place where they will be fully exposed to the energizing rays of the sun and moon. Even if the day is cloudy or you cannot see the moon, their rays will energize the stones as long as they are directly exposed to these elements of nature. They will normally be cleaned within 24 hours of exposure.  However, stones such as black tourmaline which are being used to deflect negative energies or help release negative energies in your physical and energetic bodies may require up to 48 hours to become fully cleansed and regenerated. Stones such as aquamarine and amethyst will fade in the sun so you will have to use another method for cleansing and regenerating these gemstones.

Water (not on all crystals)

If you live where you have access to good clear well water that is guaranteed to be free of chemicals, or running water from a creek or river that you know is not polluted, place your crystals and gems in a small container, and let the water run over them, preferably for at least two hours. This will cleanse and re-energize your gems and crystals.  Please do not use tap water, since it is full of chemicals.  Be careful though because certain stones will actually dissolve in water, e.g. Red Selenite.

Brown Rice

Submerge crystals in a bowl of uncooked brown rice, making sure they are completely covered. Keep them in the rice overnight. The rice will naturally draw out any impurities or negative energies that the crystal has absorbed over time. In the morning remove the crystals and place them in sunlight for an hour to re-energize them with sun-healing vibrations. Be careful not to leave certain stones in the bright sunlight for longer periods as they may fade. Also, discard the brown rice. Do not consume rice that has been used as an energetic cleanser. Instead, you can honor the rice for its service with a simple ritual. Give thanks to the rice and simply return it to the earth for recycling. You can do this either by scattering it upon the ground, adding it to your composting pile, or burying it.

The Earth 

Place your crystals in the earth, either directly into the earth or you can place the gems and crystals into a cloth covering, preferably a natural fabric such as cotton or wool or silk.  Leave them buried for at least 24 hours to ensure that they become fully re-energized.  If possible, find a spot where the soil is not being spread with chemicals through fertilizers or pesticides.  This cleanses all negative energies and re-energizes the stones.
Which method you choose should be based on the type of stone, how much time you have, and what tools are readily available to you.

-Let your intuition be your guide.

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