Kerri Dawn Jarrett (Wyspianski)

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Albert Einstein

How Kerri Reads Energy

We are gifted with an internal guidance system, five physical senses, and eight spiritual (either) senses; Kerri has been aware of all these senses since a child. It was a journey of learning and growing that helped her develop her faith in mind-body-spirit and either energy. Kerri reads and transcribes the energy she picks up on. 

Certified in Practical Numerology, Numerous Crystal Training including Lapidary, Akasha Records, Reiki, Mediumship, Ayurvedic Practises, Advanced Trichology, and more training as a Life Coach in REBT, Cognitive behaviour, perceptions, and stress management. Kerri has a lot of knowledge to bring to personal energy assessments, and she uses crystals and the art of numerology as her tools of choice.

We are all gifted with an internal guidance system; this helps us make decisions and live our lives. This guidance system is the awareness of the conscious minds and the perceptions that influence the vibrational energies that are put out. It is our senses, both physical and spiritual, that affect them.

We are all one; carpe diem. - Kerri

To book please contact Kerri directly. To check out workshops visit the workshops page.

Confidentiality Between Kerri and Client:  As a professional I strongly believe that the client’s privacy and security should be maintained, promoted, and protected.  It is simply a matter of respect and ethical practice. I don’t want my privacy to be invaded, so in the same way that I do not want my private information to be divulged without my consent, I will not expose you to this kind of risk either. This means that whatever information you share with me will be treated as strictly confidential. This principle is highly beneficial for you, should you choose to book.