• is straightforward, you can use manifestation stones as an aide to do it, and they are fantastic tools; you don’t need any unique skill or pre-knowledge you need to be willing to spend a few moments getting to know your crystals and following the easy, step-by-step instructions that accompany each crystal profile. Manifesting is the law of attraction. However, manifesting is not something you do – it is what you are. Manifesting is an outward expression of your inner being. It makes visible your background thoughts and feelings and expresses your core self. We all manifest every second of every day. When each thought, emotion and belief that passes through us, we create our reality, whether or not we intend to.
  • The principles of manifesting are the result of thoughts and feelings projected out into the world. The more concise us the intention and the more directed the though, the more favorable the outcome is. Thoughts and feelings are vibrations that attr4acat, whatever we wish to manifest. Hence the support of crystals to reach an optimal level of magnification to come to fruition.

Manifestation Options:

Abundance     |      Attract Love     |      Heal A Broken Heart    |      Be Present / Patience   |      Empath   |      Fertility   |      Friendship   |      Good Vibes   |      Grounding   |      Happy   |      Health   |      Inspiration   |      Karma   |      Moving Forward   |      Safe Travel   |      Self-Care   |      Success   |   Good Health    |    New Mom

*If you do not see an option you are seeking, please contact Kerri.

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