Fertility Manifestation Stones: crystals for fertility



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Fertility Manifestation Stones: crystals for fertility

Moonstone is referred to as a “woman’s healing stone,” traditionally used for feminine healing, balancing of the female hormones, and cycles. Moonstone “personifies women’s connection to the Goddess and the moon” and is good for regulating menstrual and fertility cycles Moonstone helps to enhance fertility conditions. It is also a wonderful stone to carry during pregnancy.

Pearls can be worn to promote female fertility; they have a lovely soft, feminine energy. Pearls – Helps hormones and PMS, pregnancy and female reproductive problems. Pearls provide love and fertility. They offer protection from negative energy and events.

Rose Quartz helps to stimulate fertility and fill the body with loving energy. They help to heal mothers after birth and during pregnancy before and after. Rose Quartz will ease stress on fertility and the female reproductive system. Excellent to wear to be in the energy of love and to remind you of mother yourself. Hold Rose Quartz on your belly while pregnant to help bond and connect with your unborn child.

Orange Carnelian can aid female fertility, IVF and artificial insemination, PMS, menstrual and menopausal symptoms. The ancient Egyptians called Orange Carnelian the setting sun. They associated it with the fertile menstrual blood of the goddess Isis.

Unakite is wonderful for harmonizing & balancing the reproductive system & is also a great aid for a healthy pregnancy. It can help with both pregnancy and birthing. Unakite is very famous as a Fertility Stone. It is said to keep Mother and Baby Healthy. Unakite is said to help to find calm and balance during pregnancy. Also, many Doulas like to keep Unakite close during birth because it is believed that it helps with baby delivery. Excellent to wear while pregnant to promote the health of mother and child. Wear during childbirth to keep calm and centered in your heart.

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