Good Health: crystals for health



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Turquoise is well known for its healing powers. Turquoise is most efficient for healing and aiding in anti-inflammation. It will provide solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace. Turquoise is said to help absorb nutrients and strengthen the immune system.

Amethyst purifies and transmutes negativity; it has
a strong healing energy –it’s known as the “Master Healing Crystal.” Amethyst gives protection and balance during transition periods; it helps balance and is an immune booster.  It is good at treating diseases that cause cellular disruptions.  It strengthens the system organs and is a blood cleaner that dissipates pain. Amethyst helps lift the energy around you and in you.

Goldstone helps one to stay calm and stabilize the emotions and strengthening the circulatory system. Goldstone is an energy generator and can deflect unwanted energies, making it a protection stone and revitalizing one’s energy field. Goldstone is made of quartz and glass, infused with particles of copper and has many of the metaphysical properties of copper. The shimmer in Goldstone is symbolic of light that can always be found in the darkness.

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. It facilitates the transfer of one form of energy into another. Clear Quartz is excellent for amplifying the energies of other stones or to enhance groups of stones. It facilitates and refracts negative energy, breaking it up and turning it around. Clear Quartz can be used for anything and everything, it resonates with the higher chakras, bringing in divine white light and connection to higher-self, higher consciousness, higher wisdom
and unconditional pure love.

The iron content in Hematite will aid blood
pressure disorders and kidney problems. It is said
to be effective in healing pain because it maintains
the charge of nerve cells. Hematite stimulates blood flow in the body. It is also used to relieve headaches and anemia. Additional physical benefits include
relief from cramps, spinal problems, and fractured bones. Hematite is known to metaphysically provide protection, grounding and stimulate the mind.

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