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Citrine is a powerful cleansing tool. It will disperse & ground all negative energies & cleanse all your chakras. Citrine purifies your astral & mental body. This stone will reduce your anger and diminish your fear of responsibility. In Feng Shui, keep citrine stones in the wealth corner of your home. It is usually the far left corner from the main entrance door of your house.

Rose Quartz is known as the ‘love stone’ the message it emits is the strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing. Its energy helps to ease stress. Rose Quartz helps you to mother yourself; it provides emotional balance, security and peace.

With its powers of the sun and light, Sunstone clears and cleanses all the chakras, restoring joy and nurturing the spirit. It is particularly energizing to the Base and Sacral Chakras, stimulating leadership and will, creativity and sexuality. Sunstone warms the body, increasing metabolism, digestion, and vitality. It stimulates self-healing powers, regulating and harmonizing all of the organs.

Cat’s Eye is a grounding stone that provides a very effective protective energy and amplifies good luck and fortune. Cat’s Eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy and brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and confidence. Traditionally, Cat’s Eye is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Agate soothes those who desire peace and harmony. Agate is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden fears and circumstances that might interfere with well-being. The Agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history. Agates attract strength and protect one from bad dreams. It will also protect from stress and energy drains.

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