Intuitive Crystal Reading – In Depth



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Intuitive Crystal Reading

Crystal reading using crystals, Kerri intuitively mediates about the receiver, tapping into discover the individual’s present situation. She will put together a 1-2 page letter noting where the receiver can use guidance from crystals and will recommend the crystals to help heal or benefit the person in their present situation.


All readings are subject to your personal interpretation of the reading. The information given is not meant to substitute for medical, legal business, psychological, or financial advice. The client is responsible for their actions and reactions post reading.

Kerri has the right to refuse a reading if she feels it is not in the client’s best interest.

What you will receive besides the 1-2 page email reading is a personalized intuitive wear necklace:

The energy of crystals gives off is very healing and empowering food for the soul, the created necklaces are made up of raw crystal and gemstone energies. Crystals, gemstones, and minerals have been used for decades by our ancestors to help heal, in power, and protect.

Next Steps:

> Pick out type of jewelry you want: necklace or bracelet

> Decide type of chain: sterling silver or 18k gold plated

> Put together a small “brief” paragraph about the wearer or 1-2 questions you have for Kerri and Kerri will intuitively put something together for that individual.

> Each piece comes with a piece of rose quartz in a satchel with a scroll detailing why that stone was chosen for that person.

Great for anyone who is hard to give gifts too, or if you’re looking for something a little more personalized (popular item for bridal party gifts).