Journaling Crystals


Journaling Crystal Necklace (crystals for journaling, crystals for writers) /Wearable Crystal Kit

*Pen is not included.

★ Blue Kyanite is especially useful for working with the Throat Chakra and communication issues. Blue …


Journaling Crystal Necklace (crystals for journaling, crystals for writers) /Wearable Crystal Kit

*Pen is not included.

★ Blue Kyanite is especially useful for working with the Throat Chakra and communication issues. Blue Kyanite helps to speak one’s truth with clarity, making it an excellent stone for sharing one’s wisdom effectively – whether spoken or written. In the case of writing, Blue Kyanite is particularly suitable for getting the point across. Bluestones are linked with the blue Throat Chakra, which governs communication in all forms.

★ Lapis Lazuli aids in stimulating wisdom and good judgment in the practical world. Lapis Lazuli aids intellectual analysis, problem-solving and creates new ideas. It is excellent for enhancing memory. A stone of truth, Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken and written word. Wear it for all forms of deep communication. If you are looking for new ideas for your writing, this is the stone for you. Some writing blocks are more robust to crack than others, with Lapis Lazuli there is no writing challenge you cannot overcome.

★ Jaspers are the nurturers, the healers and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom. They all carry a strong connection to the Earth’s energy, making the jasper healing properties very beneficial for grounding, stability, and strength. It is one of those stones that comes in a variety of colors and types. Different types of jasper stones have different properties, but in general, it is a stone that calms nerves. Great for the emotional writer, it can help focus feelings, so your writing is balanced between coherent and passionate.

★ Amethyst is excellent for both opening and clearing the mind. In creativity and writing, it helps invite inspiration. Amethyst is a highly intuitive stone. This essentially means that it can help you learn how to trust your gut. Put it this way, have you ever written a page only to erase it, rewrite it, delete it again and then decide the first prose you wrote was the best? -Amethyst helps you trust yourself.

★ Clear Quartz can be useful for writers (especially if the writer needs to cleanse the space and/or clear the mind). Never underestimate the power of Clear Quartz! This crystal will bring you mental clarity, greater focus and help you retain information. Try a Quartz Crystal Sphere on your desk area. I also highly recommend a small raw or polished Clear Quartz crystal point for studying purposes. You can
wear it around your neck or carry it with you in your pocket.

Tip: Keep the same Quartz Crystal Point with you as you study. Then have it with you when you take exams or need to access the information.

★ Carnelian is a stabilizing crystal, perfect for anchoring in the present. Get riled up with Carnelian, one of the best crystals for confidence, to elevate your creativity and make your message more memorable. Carnelian clarifies the voice, and it is an excellent stone for speakers, singers, writers, and teachers. Carnelian also helps release stress and trauma, so it is good for the writer’s block. Not only does is give you an immense boost of creative energy but it’s also soothing, so you won’t get anxiety while looking at your low word count.

Carnelian can be a powerful imagination and creativity booster, which is great for breaking a creative block. In writing, it can help with your original decision making by inspiring perception and confidence. Writers are blessed and cursed with an overactive mind, and this can be overwhelming and undermine the writing process. Carnelian charges other crystals.

Product Information:

• Necklace Length: 18′ with 16′ jump ring
• Material: Silver Plated or Brass
• (upgrades available please direct message)

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Note: Each piece is handmade ☀, and each stone varies as they are all raw and unique in their way ♥; not one detail is ever the same, making them one of a kind. Make it a necklace, bracelet, or anklet—a wearable crystal kit; please direct message to request a different size.