Self-care Necklace (crystals for self care)



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Wanting to send positive affirmations to someone, the self-care collection of stones are the right stones to manifest personal healing, growth, and self-care.

Moonstone has long been known for its calming, soothing qualities on the emotional body. Its energy is balancing and healing, assisting in the mastery of emotions by bringing them under the control of ‘Higher Will’, rather than expressing or repressing them. Moonstone helps in attuning to the normal rhythms of the biological forces of one’s body and to utilize natural energy cycles. It holds protective energy and is balancing for the emotions.

Hematite is called “stone for the mind.” It is used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking, and technical knowledge. Hematite assists in both mental and manual dexterity. It provides a calming atmosphere while it helps one “reach for the sun.” It makes one realize that the only limitations there are, are those self-limiting concepts within the mind.

Rose Quartz helps you to mother yourself; it provides emotional balance, security, and peace. Rose Quartz the “Love Stone” opens the heart for love, and gives love to the wearer who might otherwise have trouble giving love to themselves. Rose Quartz shows you the power of your emotions and of the ability of Love to “Conquer All”.

Black Tourmaline helps cleanse the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, or anger; it is a stone of purification. It is well known as a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy and thus is very protective. Black Tourmaline can transform and remove negativity from an individual or an environment.

Smoky Quartz allows one to attune to the light instead of being consumed by life. Hold Smoky Quartz to relieve tension and stress, anxiety, or panic attacks; also, to ward off negative thinking, and to eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion. Smoky Quartz allows one to attune to the light instead of being consumed by life. Rather than merely surfacing negative energies and emotional blockages, this crystal gently dissolves these energies as it encounters them, allowing positive frequencies to take their place.

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