Speaking Necklace / Bracelet / Anklet: crystals for Speakers

The Speaking Necklace is a bar pendant with all the stones to help with public speaking. The stones were picked based on …



Speaking Necklace / Bracelet / Anklet: crystals for Speakers

The Speaking Necklace is a bar pendant with all the stones to help with public speaking. The stones were picked based on the vibrations they give off to give the wearer a vibrational boost to shine.

Want to send a unique gift, gift the gift of an affirmation/manifestation. Affirmations are positive statements in the present tense that relate to what it is you want to manifest. It’s important that these statements are said as if the thing you’re manifesting is already yours. Great for someone starting a new career, job, program, or event in their life. Great for a co-worker gift, or the friend who is hard to shop for. Or many you want to manifest something in particular into your own life.

Looking for stones to help with your manifestation or meditation practices. Albert Einstein said whatever vibration you put out is the vibration you will get back. The crystal cocktail in this piece has been picked mainly for the title of that which it was named. Pick from a variety of options from the Manifestation Collection, do not see a manifestation you are working on, please direct message Kerri. Listed below are the attributes of this particular cocktail of stones.

Peacock Ore, known as a gem that can channel happiness to others; it encourages an understanding that everything will lead to a greater good, no matter what difficulties occur. Peacock Ore can help one find your inner self, aligning thoughts and emotions in calm, soothing ways. With the ability to encourage prosperity, abundance, and the feeling of contentment, this stone also fosters financial and material security. Peacock Ore resonates with both the Third Eye Chakra – which represents perception, intuition and psychic ability and the Throat Chakra – known for communicative abilities.

Tigers Eye is a stone of abundance and protection, a power stone. Tigers Eye is a grounding, which in turn helps keep you level headed, a winning combination for attracting positive abundance. Tiger’s Eye “the stone for success” will give you the willpower and motivation you need to act to achieve success. It will help you remain calm even in hectic situations, aiding in your ability to be a successful leader.

Pyrite is one of the most powerful preventive stones. It repels many forms of negative energy. A piece of Pyrite in the home or workplace energizes the area around it and imparts an immediate increase in vitality. It helps to overcome intellectual fatigue. Aids in receiving expanded amounts of energy and Light without becoming scattered or stressed.

Bloodstone is considered a stone of courage. It was once believed to overcome enemies, to open locked doors and break down blockages. Keep a Bloodstone in your wallet for good luck, money and good health. Wear or carry Bloodstone to increase mental clarity and to aid in decision-making. It provides a mental boost when motivation is lacking and can revitalize the mind and body if you are exhausted. It is marvelous for increasing creativity and cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization.

Clear Quartz when it comes to business and success, you want to have a clear vision for your goals and how you will be successful. Clear Quartz crystal brings clarity to a situation and amplifies your intention into the universe. It is said to increase spiritual wisdom, promote clarity of the mind and increases insight.
Speak Your Truth Exercise:

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NOTE: Each piece is handmade, and each stone varies as they are all raw and unique in their own way, not one piece is ever the same, making them one of a kind.