Sweet Dreams Crystal Kit


Sweet Dreams Kit : Crystals for Sweet Dreams – We are a kind of flower shop!

Want to send a unique gift, gift the gift of an affirmation/manifestation. Affirmations are …

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Sweet Dreams Kit : Crystals for Sweet Dreams – We are a kind of flower shop!

Want to send a unique gift, gift the gift of an affirmation/manifestation. Affirmations are positive statements in the present tense that relate to what it is you want to manifest. It’s important that these statements are said as if the thing you’re manifesting is already yours. Great for someone starting a new career, job, program, or event in their life. Great for a co-worker gift, or the friend who is hard to shop for. Or many you want to manifest something in particular into your own life.

Looking for stones to help with your manifestation or meditation practices. Albert Einstein said whatever vibration you put out is the vibration you will get back. The crystal cocktail in this piece has been picked mainly for the title of that which it was named. Pick from a variety of options from the Manifestation Collection, do not see a manifestation you are working on, please direct message, Kerri. Listed below are the attributes of this particular cocktail of stones:

Agates help protect from bad dreams, and they attract strength. Agates give the sleeper varied dreams when placed near them; they help to ward off nightmares and protect from stress and energy drains. Place at the head of a sleeper to give rich and varied dreams.

Amethyst aids in dream recall and will aid the sleeper to fall gently asleep and experience a peaceful night. Use Amethyst to alleviate insomnia, for stubborn insomnia, sleep with Amethyst under your pillow. Amethyst helps guard against guilty and fearful feelings.

Clear Quartz amplify the dream state and memory recall upon awaking, and Clear Quartz can help one to gain clarity around a dream.

Scolecite is a restful stone that encourages deep sleep and dreaming, helps with dream recall and lucid dreaming, while also helping one to perceive the messages within our dreams from higher sources. Scolecite stone promotes inner peace and deep relaxation.

Chrysoprase alleviates recurring nightmares (particularly for children) and promotes a peaceful night’s sleep. Chrysoprase helps the sleeper to understand conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness.

Keep out of reach from small children, follow instructions on proper use.
Stones are a choking hazard.

Place stones under sleepers mattress, or place in the satchel provided (a transparent satchel has been included for those who like to view the stones, please tie the knot securely), hang satchel on a hook of some sorts above sleepers bed. Stones will need cleaning of the energy that attaches to them, to clean, please visit SentimentalGems.com. Most recommended cleansing procedure is to place on a window sill in the window sill under a full moon overnight, in the morning leave stones in windows under full sun to recharge the stones for positive energy.

Gone are the days when flowers or chocolates were the answer to everything. Each crystal and stone is gathered, wrapped, and packaged with loving care and positive intention. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or curiosities.

Make it a combo and get 20% off, we also have the option to get in a mala bracelet or crystal kit (use code: MANIFEST20).

NOTE: Each piece is handmade, and each stone varies as they are all raw and unique in their own way, not one piece is ever the same, making them one of a kind.

*Please proofread names and messages before submitting if you are sending as a gift; it may not be changed.