The Runner


The Runner Necklace / Bracelet / Anklet (raw crystals for the runner, jewelry for the runner) / wearable crystal kit

Want to send a unique gift, gift the gift of an …



The Runner Necklace / Bracelet / Anklet (raw crystals for the runner, jewelry for the runner) / wearable crystal kit

Want to send a unique gift, gift the gift of an affirmation/manifestation. Affirmations are positive statements in the present tense that relate to what it is you want to manifest. It’s important that these statements are said as if the thing you’re manifesting is already yours. Great for someone starting a new career, job, program, or event in their life. Great for a co-worker gift, or the friend who is hard to shop for. Or many you want to manifest something in particular into your own life.

Looking for stones to help with your manifestation or meditation practices. Albert Einstein said whatever vibration you put out is the vibration you will get back. The crystal cocktail in this piece has been picked mainly for the title of that which it was named. Pick from a variety of options from the Manifestation Collection, do not see a manifestation you are working on, please direct message Kerri. Listed below are the attributes of this particular cocktail of stones.

Crystals for “The Runner”:

Copper with its empowering and motivating vibration, Copper is an excellent crystal tool for runners as it provides a charge of energy when the energy levels are depleted. Goldstone is made of quartz and glass, infused with particles of copper. The shimmer in Goldstone is symbolic of light that can always be found in the darkness. Goldstone helps one to stay calm and stabilize the emotions and strengthening the circulatory system. Goldstone is an energy generator and can deflect unwanted energies, making it a protection stone and revitalizing one’s energy field.

Carnelian stimulates power and action, and it is an excellent crystal tool for those who tend to procrastinate and need some energetic help to get things done. Carnelian is empowering and gives one courage, promotes positive life choices, and dispels apathy. Carnelian increases motivation and helps one build self-confidence through affirmative action.

Petrified Wood is a “stone of support.” Petrified wood is an incredibly grounding and protecting the stone, it is a stone of transformation, and helps all types of healing. If you are recovering from an injury either mental or physical, carry a piece of petrified wood. It will give you strength daily. It also helps to make one feel safe, secure, and calm. Petrified Wood is a great way for city dwellers to keep the vibrations of nature near in the concrete jungle or space such as a large building. Petrified wood is excellent for increasing physical stamina.

Amethyst for your third eye! The best way to get clarity around the next steps and the path of truth is working with a crystal that allows you to access your own higher self and connection to the divine. Listen for that instant internal answer then get moving! Amethyst helps to increase and to sharpen your intuition, which is especially useful when you are running on your own.

Moss Agate grounds you, corrects imbalances between the two sides of the brain and stimulates creativity. This aids you to move forward with your life using a more unified and balanced thought process. The vibration it embodies can help you to carry forward your intentions, as it will enhance the energy that you put into circumstances.

Green Tourmaline is the ideal natural performance enhancer for athletes. Olympians, professional athletes, and trainers who use Green Tourmaline report significant increases in strength, endurance, and speed. Many also say they recover faster from hard workouts and have more significant mental focus and increased self-confidence.

Stainless Steel is a highly durable metal, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities. The hard metal resists scratches and corrosion thanks to an invisible layer of chromium that prevents oxidation; this makes it an excellent metal of choice for body jewelry.

Silver-plated jewelry has an extremely thin layer of silver (measured in microns) covering a base metal, commonly copper, brass, white metal, or nickel. The layer of silver is very thin, so it will also wear off with time and usage.

Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver and a small amount of other metals, making pure silver more durable and less soft for jewelry making. Most often, sterling silver has a purity of .925, meaning that it contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper plus other metals (usually copper, aluminum or zinc).

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass can also contain small amounts of other metals. It is non-ferrous, meaning it contains no iron.

18k Gold Plated means that the golden layer that covers it contains 75% of pure Gold. Make sure that you understand that the layer is really thin, so the amount of pure Gold in it does not drastically increase its value. In addition, the layer of Gold is very thin, so it will also wear off with time and usage.

Copper, Rose Gold Filled, 12K Gold Filled, and 14K Gold Filled are available upon request and are sold based on current market values. Please direct message for a custom order.

NOTE: Each piece is handmade, and each stone varies as they are all raw and unique in their own way, not one piece is ever the same, making them one of a kind.

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