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  • Expecting Mom Crystal Kit - SentimentalGems
  • Expecting Mom Crystal Kit - SentimentalGems
  • Expecting Mom Crystal Kit - SentimentalGems
  • Expecting Mom Crystal Kit - SentimentalGems
  • Expecting Mom Crystal Kit - SentimentalGems
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Expecting Mom Crystal Kit

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Crystal Kit - We are a kind of flower shop!

Send a gift bouquet designed to celebrate life’s most magical occasions with the power of crystal energy.

The EXPECTING MOM Gem Bouquet is a collection of energy vibrations selected to aid in the pregnancy stages and to assist new mom in preparation of new baby(s). Each gem was selected for its unique and special healing property.

• Rose Quartz is the energy of love, excellent to hold on your belly or wear while pregnant to help bond and connect with your unborn child. It is often used as a protective gemstone during childbirth and pregnancy; Rose Quartz allows you to truly embrace unreserved love and the magic of childbirth, allowing you to connect deeply with yourself, your baby and the whole universe.

• Rubies help combat fatigue; they give strength, courage and promote will power. Rubies give the unborn child vital strength and make sure the expecting mother stays active. Wear Rubies while pregnant to promote healthy development of baby

• Unakite is excellent to wear while pregnant to promote the health of mother and child. Wear during childbirth to keep calm and centered in your heart. During pregnancy a piece of Unakite on the womb helps parents-to-be make spiritual connection with the unborn baby; it is marvelous for use during labor to ease the transition.

• Chrysocolla has a very soothing energy while pregnant. Helps with labor pains.

• White chalcedony helps the flow of mother’s milk and insomnia in pregnant women. White Chalcedony is a nurturing stone it stimulates maternal instincts.

Crystals and gemstones have been used and carried around by our ancestors from all walks of life dating back many years; they were carried for their magical energies. Select from our unique collection of thoughtful gift bouquets designed to celebrate life’s most magical occasions. Each Gem Bouquet has a unique and special meaning that resonates with both sender and recipient.

Gone are the days when flowers or chocolates were the answer to everything. Each crystal and stone is gathered, wrapped, and packaged with loving care and positive intention. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or curiosities.

Each Gift Includes:

  • Wooden box with latch or option without box
  • Cotton drawstring pouch to carry stones
  • A scroll listing the stones, their properties and how to use the stone for the bouquets intended use.
  • Mini envelope and a personalized letter including both sender and recipient's names, and the note from the sender.
  • Rose Quartz, Ruby, Unakite, white chalcedony, & Chrysocolla
Crystal Healing is a complementary, spiritual healing technique; it has been used for decades by various cultures and our ancestors. However, The information that Sentimental Gems shares are not intended to be a prescription or replace any medical care or replacement.
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