Rocks, Rocks, Rocks!!!!

KerriCrystal Knowledge

rocks, rocks, rocks

Rock is the foundation of the surface of the Earth. We live on it, mine it for useful materials, make roads with it, grow food on it. We depend on it for many things. Some people may think hunting for stones is a bit strange or even childish. Rocks have a unique beauty to them, and each has its very own unique vibration, with lots of history to share. Discovering even the dullest little stone has a beautiful story to tell. Plus when you’re out hunting for rocks, you might find a precious gem and make a fortune!

A piece of white stone could be a chunk of limestone. A pink-brown stone could be a piece of granite. A striped pebble is far more than just an attractive design feature. Those stripes show the rock is schist. Lines are signs that the stone was once squeezed so hard and heated so intensely that its very nature changed, and it split into layers. They tell a story.

So next time you are out and about shuffling your feet in the stones looking at all the various rocks, be mindful of what you can learn from them.

Did you know – Most of the metals we use come from mineral ores. Iron, copper, aluminum, nickel, lead, and zinc are all mined from the rocks in the ground. Much of the energy we use also comes from rocks. Fossil fuel such as coal, oil, and natural gas is used to heat homes; power cars, planes, and trains; and generate electricity. The truth is, you probably couldn’t Make it through a typical day without using a resource that initially came from a rock.

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