Crystals Drop-In Q&A

Crystals Drop-In Q&A

Are you drawn to crystals and want to learn a little more about them, meet Kerri of Sentimental Gems, and discuss the knowledge of crystals based on the history, science and the metaphysical properties?

Who is this Crystals Drop-In Q&A for?

  • Anyone who wants to get a sample of what crystals are,
  • Have a crystal you own you want Kerri to give some input on it,
  • Want to purchase crystals (Kerri always brings stock),
  • Want to learn information about where to start,
  • Maybe you want to sample what crystals can do for you,
  • Want to host a fun and interactive activity for your event.

This event can be tailored to your audience and is kid-friendly.

Crystals Drop-In Q&A can be done as a pop-up on location, as a group, or on your own, and virtually over a Facebook event, Zoom, or any other platform.

Cost:  $20 Time: 1-2 hrs

To book please contact Kerri directly.