Crystals 101 Workshop

Crystals 101 Workshop

– intro to crystals

Wouldn’t you love to understand how crystals work; learn some of the lost knowledge of crystals based on the history, science and the metaphysical properties.

Join us for a workshop on the basics of crystals, why and how they work, how to care for them, and have a clearer insight on how to identify them. During our two hours together I will give you a great overview of how crystals work, what they can be used for and how to choose which crystals are best for you. We will go over the types of crystals out there to help have a clearer understanding so you do not feel so overwhelmed.

Who is this workshop for?

  • People are very new to crystals and want to learn where to start and how to identify the varieties out there.
  • Anyone curious about working with crystals to see if they want to take things farther.
  • We will be going into detail about, and you will learn:
  • How to care for and cleanse your crystals,
  • How to identify your crystals,
  • Crystals for Chakras and colour therapy,
  • Crystals in history,
  • Crystals used for science,
  • Crystals and the Metaphysical (vibrations),
  • How to feel the subtle energies,
  • How to use crystals for healing,
  • Helpful uses for the crystals in your daily life,
  • We will touch base on crystals and your higher self (intuition).

About Your Teacher  Kerri Dawn:

Kerri is a Crystal Whisperer that picks up on the vibrations of crystals. She is bringing back the lost knowledge, history, and metaphysical education of crystals, and will educate the true value of affirmations and manifestation using crystals.

**Disclaimers: Crystal energy work is not meant to replace conventional medicine, it is part of a holistic plan. You should continue with any prescribed treatments your doctor has given you.

Please view Facebook Events Page to view up coming workshop times, or to request this workshop please contact Kerri.