Crystals & Your Gifts Workshop

Crystals & Your Gifts

Discover your sacred gift(s), everyone has spiritual gifts and all humans are able to connect to their intuition and higher self. Psychic ability is a basic human skill that all of us possess and that we can develop with practice. Learning how to access your unique gifts just takes a few exercises, some mindful practice, and a deep knowing that you can.

In this workshop, we will go over types of intuitive gifts.

What you will learn

  • We will go over the 8 senses,
  • To open your spiritual senses and awareness,
  • Learn meditation techniques to reach deeper levels of awareness,
  • Recognize your intuitive abilities,
  • How to interpret your abilities,
  • Learn to extend your perception beyond your physical body and attune,
  • Know the difference between psychic information and your imagination,
  • Pick up subtle energies and how to understand them,
  • Understand the ethics of psychic readings,
  • Learn to trust your intuition,
  • We will go over Astral projection and mental projection,
  • How to use crystals as a means to intuitively attune,
  • Develop and practice your ability to pick up information from objects and give readings through psychometry.

At the end of this fun workshop, you will have a foundation to accurately access extra sensory information. You will know whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant, and be given guidance on how to expand your knowledge to grown more intuitively.

Intuitive abilities give us insight into the environment around us. It alerts us to opportunities and danger, whether to take action or wait. It offers valuable information about the people we encounter in our daily lives. And helps us to connect for better mindfulness and health.

About Your Teacher  Kerri Dawn:

Kerri is a Crystal Whisperer that picks up on the vibrations of crystals. She is bringing back the lost knowledge, history, and metaphysical education of crystals, and will educate the true value of affirmations and manifestation using crystals.

**Disclaimers: Crystal energy work is not meant to replace conventional medicine, it is part of a holistic plan. You should continue with any prescribed treatments your doctor has given you.

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