Manifesting with Crystals

Manifesting with Crystals

What is my Heart's desire? Are you stuck in the maze of your mind? Was 2018 the year of instant manifestation to instant many frustrations? Are you manifesting everything buy your heart's desire? Is your creativity blocked? … What do you want?

In this workshop, you will explore creativity, working with crystals in your day to day life, along with sacred geometry to enhance your manifestation skills.

What you will learn:

  • How to clearly define and put out what your heart desires.
  • How to become clear in what it is that you want.
  • Other ways to recognize monitory value in time, knowledge, and more.
  • Truly understand the principles of "mindful" and "mind full".
  • How to turn a negative mindset into a positive mindset.
  • How to pick, clean and charge crystals to help you to manifest your desires.
  • How to program and cocktail your crystals to work for you.
  • How to charge your energy field to do the work for you.
  • We will touch a bit on how to create a crystal grid using our creative skills.

Prosperity is a state of mind. Some people only have a bit of money and consider themselves prosperous. Others have lots of money and still feel poor. Property is not just financial, it includes love, health, peace, time freedom, wisdom, inspiration, imagination, and happiness. These attributes bring contentment to the heard. Prosperity is a state of the soul.

Meditation is a state of mind, and when you meditate you are filled with the light / wisdom of the universe.

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