Kerri Dawn Originals

Often the one of a kind doesn't have the chance to make it to the website, so please check out and watch #kerridawnoriginals, if there is a piece you really like please direct message to inquire about purchase and shipping.

“People who resonate with stones love to hold them, feel them, and carry them.  However, when you find the stones you connect with, you cannot always carry them around with you. So, I started making jewelry and pocket size kits so you can have the benefits of their energies in your every day to day life.”      


If you have a collection, taste profile you would like me to see or a design you would like me to create please email me at or connect at (587) 434-1278 and we can discuss your vision and how we can work together.


Yes, I do Bridal, bridal jewelry, hair jewelry, bridal party collections, and personalized gifts.  Working in the bridal industry for so many years doing hair, many of the industry professionals I have created relationships with have learned I am in the jewelry business now. Since the move to jewelry from hair I have been asked to create custom creations, I wanted to keep the dainty and delicate side of bridal jewelry as Sentimental Gems is geared towards natural raw crystals. Please visit @kerridawndesigns to see some samples of what I do.