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Manifesting With Crystals

It is straightforward, and they are fantastic tools; you don’t need any unique skill or pre-knowledge you need to be willing to spend a few moments getting to know your crystals and following the easy, step-by-step instructions that accompany each crystal profile. Manifesting is the law of attraction. However, manifesting is not something you do - it is what you are. Manifesting is an outward expression of your inner being. It makes visible your background thoughts and feelings and expresses your core self. We all manifest every second of every day. When each thought, emotion and belief that passes through us, we create our reality, whether or not we intend to. 

The principles of manifesting are the result of thoughts and feelings projected out into the world. The more concise us the intention and the more directed the though, the more favourable the outcome is. Thoughts and feelings are vibrations that attract, whatever we wish to manifest.  Hence the support of crystals to reach an optimal level of magnification to come to fruition.  

Choose the crystal of which you identify with and confirm it is correct for the purpose you intend to manifest with it for. Before a crystal works with you, it needed to be dedicated to your highest good and activated to manifest your wishes. Sit quietly with your crystal and state your intention several times, either in your head or out loud. Now visualize or feel (the art of knowing), what you are manifesting. You will intuitively know when your crystal is charged, you might feel a vibration coming from it, or you might “just know” it is complete. Attune to your crystal; your powers work together in synergy.  And enjoy just “being,” enjoy the peace, enjoy the quiet, and connection. 

If you find you need audio guidance to manifest or to get into the Meditative state to connect, you can search for audio recordings that help guide your attunement to the specific manifestation property. Click from list of options below.


Abundance     |      Attract Love     |      Fertility    |      Expecting Mom    |      New Mom     |      Heal A Broken Heart    |      Patience & Understanding    |      Empath     |      Friendship   |      Good Vibes   |      Grounding   |      Happy   |      Inspiration   |      Karma   |      Moving Forward   |      Safe Travel   |      Self-Care   |       Self-Love   |   Good Health    |   Be Present |    Restore & Recover     |    Success/Triumph  |    Confidence   |    Teacher     |   Menopause    |    My Higher Will    |    The Runner    |    Calming The Mind    | Public Speaking  |  Work Environment  | Strength   |  Custom   |    Prescription

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Manifestation and Meditation Crystals

Looking for stones to help with your manifestation or meditation practices. Pick from a variety of options, do not see a manifestation you are working on, please direct message Kerri and it can add it to the list.

Or maybe you are looking for a more personalized collection of stones specific to your story and current chapter in life. Have Kerri connect with you to create your group of crystals specific to your current chapter, please visit Intuitive Crystal Reading - In Depth.

If you are looking for more stones towards aiding a health related topic, please visit the Crystal Prescriptions.

Manifestations available are listed on the following page, images are in he works and coming soon. To see an image in the meantime you can email Kerri for list of the stones or a sample. 

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