Do you know how to receive messages from higher self? Other terms/names often used are Universal Spirit, Universal Truth, Universe, Source, Divine, Spirit, Love, Life, God, Guides, Angels, to name a few.

Have you ever asked for help or a sign, signal, or message but could not interpret the answers?

You are already a Master of Symbolic Translation…and you didn’t even know it – until now! Prepare to have your world changed as a whole new level of reality is revealed to you through the power of symbolism and colour interpretation. Serendipity; coincidences; seeing repetitive number sequences or objects; signs; signals; colours, omens – anything at all that catches your attention, including your dreams, all can be considered a message from Spirit or higher self. You will be amazed how easily you can begin to decode the language of the Universe!

Universal Spirit/Higher Self is talking to us; it is trying to get our attention.  It is trying to guide us, connect with us; there are so many signs out there but are we aware or even know what to watch for? Are we listening, how many times do you wish you had a sign for what direction you should take in life? Have you ever asked for an answer but didn’t know how to receive it?

When you are tuned in to the language of the Universe, life becomes a lot less confusing and more aligned and connected to the source.  

Many people suggest that seeing 11:11 signifies that your spirit guides are attempting to contact you. In my experience, 11:11 seems to be the number of spiritual awakening, meaning that you are on the right path, and your actions are aligned with your Soul’s purpose. 

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The Universe, Higher Self may communicate by the following ways:

  • Via people – meeting a random person who might tell you something or does something that triggers or sparks a deep knowing inside of you, they may offer you an opportunity, or maybe you get a random text or phone call from someone, you hear a message on the radio, or overhear a conversation. 
  • Synchronicity – Any one thing does not connect the random occurrence of events that seem coincidental, serendipitous and related, yet. 
  • Numbers –  Seeing a varied pattern or sequence of numbers on maybe a license plate, a receipt, or coming across the same number or  a set of numbers within an address or phone number, or a specific time like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 12:34, and so on, can all have hidden meanings. Or you are always seeing a unique number to you, like your favorite number, lucky number or your birthday.  
  • Songs – Have you ever noticed a random song come on or into your head? Or you happen to overhear a particular set of lyrics from some else’s radio or a song in the mall?  Maybe someone who passes by you singing happens to be singing a song, and those lyrics stick out to you. When these things are random and make you think, wow that was odd, yet you feel a secure connection as you hear it, this may be something you want to explore further.   Take note of specific lyrics that you hear as there can be a message in there for you.  Maybe it is a particular song like a wedding song, or it is a song that reminds you of a vacation or a song that you listen to a lot in your younger days, interpret the meaning of the sign from that perspective, maybe it is as simple as bringing you back to that feeling you had in that particular moment with that song. 
  • Dreams – Consider that your dreams may be telling you something fundamental about how you feel in your waking life; feelings that you either don’t recognize or choose to ignore. Messages, guidance, and other answers can come to us through our dreams.  Do you keep having the same dreams over and over?  What are the dreams about?  Are you seeing a person all the time, visiting familiar places, having the same types of experiences? Look into the “meaning of dreams” to see what it can mean.  Dreams may have a more profound message that you have that needs to be healed or aware of. Is there an unresolved issue there that needs to be addressed? Or maybe it is a loved want trying to connect with you.
  • Issues with your body – Did you know your physical body communicates with you? Physical pain, symptoms, ailments, and diseases are all ways that the Universe corresponds to you that there is something wrong.  It’s wise to explore both lifestyle, spiritual, and emotional causes of the varied symptoms you may have so that you can get to the bottom of what’s creating it.  Often when you heal the psychological aspect, the physical manifestation naturally goes away. For example, when I am stressed, I get a headache or a stomach ache. It is all connected. Just mediating or being mindful can rid those symptoms for me. You may want to read a blog post I wrote on my blog to learn more about Mind, Body, & Spiritconnection.
  • Colour– Colours you’re attracted to tell you often what chakra is craving attention. Your chakras can say to you a lot about you and what you are needing.  What colour have you been craving lately? Often, you are attracted most to the colour that one of your chakras is needing attention. Notice that for example, your favorite colour is blue, but lately, you have been drawn to green. It would be meaning that your heart chakra is needing attention, and you may want to investigate that further.  Are you not getting enough attention lately, did you lose a loved one? Are you craving more lust?  Investigate further next time you are drawn to specific colours out of your usual. Look up both the colour and the chakra it is associated with.
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These are just a few examples of ways Higherself/Universe communicates with you. Whatever you want to call it, but knowing these ques, and how the language, might be something you want to be more aware of. 

I will be holding a workshop on this topic where I will delve more in-depth on the subject of the language of the Universe, and how to communicate with Higher Self, I will go over colour, smells, images, and more. This workshop will show you first-hand how easy it is to find the meaning, for you, in attention-getting daytime events… 

Next day offered in person is August 29, if pre-sign up for the upcoming online version, please email to be added to the list. To purchase tickets to the next workshop please visit Eventbrite.

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