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Granite stones are great for those who enjoy tasting the pure flavor of their favorite spirit, check out granite ‘stones’ that cool or heat your drink without diluting it.

Enter the world of granite stones to enhance the taste of your favorite liquor: be it whiskey, wine, brandy or any other beloved spirit. Use the stones to keep drinks warm or cool. Store them in the freezer, or pop them in the microwave or use some hot water to get them to the right temperature, then use them in your hot beverage of choice.

Are Whisky Stones Safe? - Whiskey stones are made of granite, a metamorphic rock, and are often promoted to chill your drink without diluting it.

Your granite cubes are unalterable and can be reused at will. Better known as Whisky stones, these cubes will cool the most excellent spirits without diluting them, think of Whiskey, Eaux-de-vie, sweet wines, Rum, Cognac, Vodka and much more.

Great for those who like to observe the flavors of their favorite drink, the taste is preserved and even heightened.

Granite enables one to see the larger picture, banishes skepticism, and defeats negativity with ease. Granite in Ancient times was admired by the Mayan nation; Aboriginal tribes consider Granite to be a “stone of protection”. Granite enables one to see the difference between the ideas of beliefs and the state of “knowing.”

Granite Ice Stones

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