Herkimer Diamonds

KerriHerkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are not Diamonds but naturally made six-sided, double terminated Quartz crystals. They are so radiant and shiny that they resemble Diamonds. Herkimer Diamonds are originally from Herkimer, New York, that is where they get their name.
To learn more about the geological side of Herkimer Diamonds visit geology.com.

Spiritual Benefits

Herkimer Diamonds are a natural choice to assist in Reiki, as they are great for attunement and other types of energy work, and are referred to as “attunement stones.” They are useful in attuning you with others, your surroundings, or new energies. Working with Herkimer Diamonds is said to bring visions and an increase in psychic experiences. Use them as ascension stones, and they will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body, boosting clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Herkimer Diamonds promote better channeling and enhance communication with your spirit guides.

Balances Chakras Benefits

Herkimer Diamonds are known to clean and heal the brow and the crown chakra. The pure and radiant lights of Herkimer Diamonds act well in activating these chakras. Herkimer crystals also resolve blockades and invigorate the heart chakra. They help the wearer to deal with the ups and downs in relationships and with communication.

Herkimer Diamond Points

Emotional Benefits

Meditating with a Herkimer may support you in letting go of unconscious fears and help in the overall expansion of your being. Herkimer Diamonds help to relieve tensions, producing a peaceful calm and aid in releasing and removing toxins from the body. They are also said to boost the immune system so it may be a helpful stone for healing this type of health issue.

Herkimer Diamonds transmit energy of subtle harmony and accord. They allow one to appreciate and thank whatever supreme has inculcated in us. It lets one be what he is rather than making him pretentious.

Physical Benefits

Some say that it will help to purify your energy field and attune you to the white light of the Divine essence. The energies of Herkimer Diamonds are considered to be extremely supportive of the eyesight and other eye-related ailments. Its energies also purify the body, drive out the toxins, and balance the metabolism, DNA/RNA, and cellular disorders.

Herkimer Diamond Sentimental Gems

Herkimer Diamonds are helpful in stimulating immunity and preventing physical exhaustion and are believed to be a supreme remedy for combating pains of all kind. Place the stone in the pained area; it is said it absorbs all the pain when it is placed in the affected area. It is also considered great for relieving tensions and re-aligning the body structure. It helps to facilitate healing and assists memory recall.