Types of Citrine: Natural vs. Heat Treated


Citrine is a medium to a deep shade of golden yellow or orange variety of Quartz. Natural Citrine is rare and is more of a yellowish lighter to darker honey tone than the yellow to orange citrine you most often think of when you hear the name.

Did you know?  Natural Citrine is not common, and most of the Citrine on the market is produced by heat treating Amethyst.

Citrine: Heat Treated and Natural

How do you tell the difference?

Treated Citrine –

  • Is created by heating amethyst at a high temperature. Heat treated Citrines color will be yellow to orange tone concentrated at the tip with a white cap.  Also, heat-treated Citrine will be crumbly and can break apart easily (heating the stones at the temps weakens the stability of the crystal).  This does not mean treated Citrine is not good or you should not buy it. -The heat-treated citrine has a more energy after being heated.

Natural Citrine “gold topaz –

  • Is naturally formed yellow Quartz crystal.

Heat Treated Citrine

The difference in healing properties:

The heat created Citrine –

  • Dissolves energy, food, and ideas. Moves energy upward from the solar plexus to open blockages in the upper chakras; detoxifies the kundalini channels and raises psychic ability information and promotes alertness. It is also known as the “merchant stone.”

Natural Citrine –

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the kundalini line and the emotional body.  It offers spinal balancing on the meridian and energy levels by balancing Ch’i movement. Natural Citrine is known for his healing abilities and various healing properties.

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