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Albert Einstein noted that everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Sentimental Gems is bringing back the lost knowledge of crystals based on the historyscience and the metaphysical properties, along with intuition.

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Looking for a unique gift for your self or an unconventional gift idea? Each collection tells a story, or compliments you and your life's story or path.

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Did you know we have 5 Physical Senses and 8 Either Senses.

EVOLVE – Discover your sacred gift(s), everyone has spiritual gifts and all humans are able to connect to their intuition and higher self. “Psychic” or Either Energy as more science-minded people like to call it, is a basic human skill that all of us possess and that we can develop with practice. Learning how to access and understand your unique gifts just takes a few exercises, some mindful practice, and a deep knowing that you can. Join me as I tie in the conservative mind and the liberal mind to connect those missing pieces.

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What does 2021 hav ein store for you? I am opening up my schedule to help put together Numerology with Crystal Readings for the 2021 year. I am throwing a special until Dec 31. To learn more visit here: SPECIAL


Kerri uses crystals and the Art of Numerology as her tools of choice, often practicing as a crystal whisper, who can pick up and feel subtle vibrations to aid in energy readings, and channelling.


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Join the tribe of crystal knowledge seekers and the intentional vibration movement. We have a Facebook group called "Let's Talk Crystals" where we posted often. Stay tuned for your YouTube clips we currently are working on.

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