Gifting an Intention

Gifting Stones and Crystals with Intensions (Oathing Stones)
There is a variety of cultures that practice rock ceremonies or gifting oathing stones, Wishing Stone Ceremony (or Blessing Stones as they are sometimes called) is a beautiful way of offering blessings and good wishes to newlyweds, new babies, someone who is ill, or to someone whom is embarking in a new chapter of their life. … Well, this is where the Wishing or Blessing Stone Ritual comes in, and what has inspired me to create Sentimental Gems.
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What is a Rock Ceremony?

When you attend a ceremony like a Christening, wedding, or other celebration, the guest(s) that arrive, are provided a small, smooth stone and an appropriate writing instrument (ie. a sharpie), they are then asked to write well wishes or blessings for the person(s). Sometimes they are asked to bring their own stone or crystal. The blessings are encouraged to attract positive vibes into the person(s’) life that is being celebrated. Depending on which the host prefers. The stones are placed in a chosen container (which will house the stones for future display).

FUN FACT:  My husband and I were married by a Traditional Shaman, and both children were Christened with a traditional Oathing Stone Ceremony.