"Crystals have been used and carried around by our ancestors from all walks of life dating back many years.  I am here to share with and inspire people to bring back the knowledge of crystals and stones."


What is Sentimental Gems?

Sentimental Gems is about recognizing the little things in life, recognizing the goods times and the bad times, and growing. Sentimental Gems is curated crystal collections based around the stories and daily uses of crystals through knowledge, history, and the metaphysical education that was lost over time for manifestation purposes. The created collections are to be used daily and to aid the receiver or wearer in the vibration of the collection or primarily to reflect on the sentiment behind the occasion.

The maker Kerri, educates people about the true value in the gift of affirmation for manifestation purposes and valuing sentimental moments; using the knowledge of crystals based on the historyscience and the metaphysical properties.

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