My Roots

Dedicated to my Dad who passed away July 22, 2022. I love you dad!

Do you know who you are- truly?

This collection is called “My Roots” which has been inspired by my recent ancestry research. Influences of Poland (Viking), French and Scottish roots.

Having a strong background in Epigenetics & Trichology, I study DNA, traits, and daily influences or habits of people. There is a powerful scientific and emotional insight into the behavioural patterns, of who we are, and an evolution of where you came from.

Knowing your ancestral background will help to establish a strong identity, a deeper personal identity.

By knowing more about your ancestors, the place you belonged to, and the cultural affinities gives you a strong sense of self.

This collection is to inspire others to step back and see where they truly came from, and see the evolution of that.

Collection will be posted soon! Please stay tuned, or ask to purchase as you see them posted to my instagram page kerri_dawn_designs or if you are in the St.Albert area visit Confections Cake Co. where they are on display and for purchase.