Use Selenite for Luck and Wealth


Luck and Wealth

Selenite, Luck and Wealth Like most crystals and stones available today, selenite is a great stone to have for the attraction of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. But of course, no matter how many selenite crystals that you have on your body or in your purse, if you will not do the real work, no amount of luck charms can make … Read More

Types of Citrine: Natural vs. Heat Treated


Citrine is a medium to a deep shade of golden yellow or orange variety of Quartz. Natural Citrine is rare and is more of a yellowish lighter to darker honey tone than the yellow to orange citrine you most often think of when you hear the name. Did you know?  Natural Citrine is not common, and most of the Citrine … Read More

What is a Geode?

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Blue Lace Geode

What is a Geode? – A geode is a rock containing a crystal-lined cavity or another type of mineral matter; when a geode is opened, you’ll see agate, quartz, amethyst or other minerals. The exterior of a geode looks bumpy and might resemble the head of cauliflower. A nodule is a geode that is full of minerals, but it’s not … Read More

Herkimer Diamonds

KerriHerkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are not Diamonds but naturally made six-sided, double terminated Quartz crystals. They are so radiant and shiny that they resemble Diamonds. Herkimer Diamonds are originally from Herkimer, New York, that is where they get their name.To learn more about the geological side of Herkimer Diamonds visit Spiritual Benefits Herkimer Diamonds are a natural choice to assist in Reiki, … Read More

How To Wear A Druzy Wrap

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What is a Druzy? Druzy is the glittering effect (crystallization) of tiny crystals over the top a mineral. They have sparkle and great color, and it can be cut into various shapes with ease. Druzy crystallization can vary from transparent, translucent, to opaque; sometimes they are coated with vapors that are of metallic origin, this gives the crystals their strong … Read More

Natural Ruby and Herkimer Diamonds

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Natural Ruby and Herkimer Diamonds work wonderfully together, these stones are very powerful and ideal for the empath who is wanting to reach a new and higher level of consciousness. Ruby Ruby is the stone of “wise choices” and “noble decisions.” Particularly suitable for helping to make wise financial decisions. Ruby encourages you to follow your bliss and to realize your … Read More

My First Jewelry Maker Video


My first attempt at playing with iMovie, and I made this maker video. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, or what you think I should kind of other videos I could make.